'My music may not change anybody’s life, but through it, people will know of the One who changed mine.'

The story of this Colombian singer-songwriter began in the city of Bogota.From the age of 7 she discovered that the most intimate way for her to process her experiences and communicate her personal journey with God was through music, by transforming her thoughts and ideas into songs.Years later, when she became the worship leader of “Iglesia Pasión por Dios” (Passion for God Church) in Bogotá, she had the opportunity to share her songs and reaffirm her conviction to carry the message of Jesus through them.At the same time she began to venture into secular music, writing songs in English and Spanish. Several of the songs of her authorship have been released by artists such as the Colombians Pablo Dazán and Alejo Arante and the Mexican Paulina Goto, among others.Her calling and desire to serve others led her to study medicine at “Universidad del Rosario” in Bogotá, to later move to the United States where she specialized in Pediatrics in New Jersey. She is currently specializing in allergy and immunology at Stanford University, in California, where she resides.Juanitta reaches a crucial moment in her life in which she decides it is time to share the best of her message through music.This time, in her own voice and partnering with Pablo Dazán as her music producer, 'Juanitta' arrives to create encounter spaces in which those who experience her music can connect with God and feel his manifest presence.

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